Dear all,

I do hope you’re enjoying  holidays and the opportunity to see family and friends now travel is finally restored across the globe. It seems a long time since many of us were enjoying meeting up in Reno at IAMA and AsMA in May of this year. Now, September is almost upon us and with it, another opportunity to see friends and participate in excellent scientific programmes.

The Aviation Health Conference 2022, along with ICAM, the 1st International Conference of Aerospace Medicine will be held in Paris, France.

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The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is launching a new initiative to engage with the next generation of aviation scientists from European academia, calling on them to share their research and ideas for the future development of aviation.

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Dear IAMA members and friends,

We are fast approaching our Annual Scientific Meeting to be held at the Peppermill Resort Hotel in Reno, Nevada, on May 21st and we are hoping that many of you will join us there.

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Dear IAMA members and friends,
Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have enjoyed a relaxing festive season with friends and family.

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  • Annual scientific meeting

    IAMA holds a one day Annual Scientific Meeting in conjunction with the Aerospace Medical Association’s Annual Meeting. details
  • Annual business meeting

    This is held following the end of the Scientific Meeting and provides a forum for members. details
  • Ralph Fennell Scholarship

    This is an annual award first presented in 2019, which was set up in memory of Ralph Fennell. details

The International Airline Medical Association

Providing excellence in medical support for International and Domestic airlines and their passengers The International Airline Medical Association, formerly known as the Airline Medical Directors Association (AMDA) was founded in 1935 to provide a forum for doctors who were employed by or contracted to international and/or regional airlines.

The aim is to share information about aviation medicine with the goal of providing the best possible up-to-date medical advice concerning an airlines employees both aircrew and ground crew and also to advise on the health of airline passengers.

This was achieved through regular mutual discussion between members and also an Annual Scientific Meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting organized by the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA). The Association has always maintained a close link with AsMA and members must also be members of AsMA.


IAMA stimulates and fosters mutual help and friendship to all involved in providing medical, psychological and occupational health advice to airlines.