IAMA Business Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2021
Virtual (zoom) meeting
Associated with Aviation Health Conference
20:00 GMT

Attendees began assembling at 20:00 GMT but the meeting did not start until 20:15 when a quorum (25 Active Members) were present.

1. Call to Order
20:15 GMT by Dr. Ian Hosegood, President IAMA.

Attendees, Active (voting) Members
1. Ian Hosegood, President
2. Elizabeth Wilkinson, President Elect
3. Martin Hudson, Past President
4. Nomy Ahmed, VP
5. David Powell, VP
6. Vincent Feuillie, VP
7. Mathew Dumstorf, Treasurer
8. Petra Illig, Secretary
9. Thomas Bettes, EC member at large
10. Quay Snyder, EC member at large
11. Jim Chung, EC member at large
12. Simon May, EC member at large
13. Gordon Landman, AsMA Liason
14. Alex Wolbrink
15. Robert Orford
16. Carlos Staff
17. Thomas Doyle
18. Jim Chung
19. Jon Barson
20. Kris Belland
21. Daniel Lestage
22. Rui Pombal
23. Rosirene Gessinger
24. Rocco Lombardi
25. Paulo Alves
26. Brinio Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Attendees, Associate (non-voting) Members:
1. Pat Bayliss
2. Warren Silberman
3. Chuck DeJohn

1. Mike Bagshaw
2. Greg Pinnell
3. Ian Mollan

The first item was to vote on the question as to whether a virtual Business Meeting can proceed as this is not addressed in the current Bylaws.

Dr. Hosegood proposed the following:

“The Executive Council shall have the power to convene the Annual Business Meeting remotely using electronic facilities such as teleconferencing or on-line video conferencing if circumstances prevent a live face-to-face meeting to take place. Such a meeting would require a quorum of 25 members.  See Article IX Section 9.1” 

This motion was seconded by Gordon Landsman and was unanimously approved by EC members present.  This allowed the Business Meeting to proceed virtually as scheduled.

2.) Moment of Silence

Four of our members who have passed (Jon Jordan, John “Jack” Hastings, Eduard DeMar, Richard Jensen) were rememberd and a Moment of Silence observed in their honor.

3.) The Minutes of the 2019 Business Meeting

 Gordon Landsman moved, Martin Hudson seconded; unanimously approved

4.) Report of the Secretary

Petra Illig reported stable membership with 178 members (48 Emeritus, 86 Active, 37 Associate, and 6 Honorary).  However, after the meeting concluded, she noticed that two of the passed members had inadvertently been included, so here is the corrected list:

  • Total Members: 176
  • Emeritus: 48
  • Active: 86
  • Associate: 37
  • Honorary: 5

NOTE: this correction does not require a vote by the membership as this is a report to the membership.

5.) Report of the Treasurer

Mathew Dumstorf provided a spreadsheet of finances since the 2019 meeting. In summary, 2020 was a good year as we had income generated from preparations for  the 2020 meeting (which did not take place) and also form our alliance with Aviation Health Conference. In December 2020, we had a balance of  just over $159,000 about $17,000 ahead from the previous year.  The current balance is just over $157,000. Most of the expenses in 2021 were for website development and also for paying off the Getty Images claim for inadvertently publishing one of their copyrighted photos on our website. Matt will continue to work with the webmaster (who has been doing a great job) to add in credit card payment capabilities. Martin has done the majority of the work on the website and has again requested all members to make sure they add their profiles to the website and keep it updated. He also mentioned that Ian Mollan has offered to take over website oversight eventually.

6.) Report of Audit Committee

This was removed from the Agenda as the committee did not meet for this virtual meeting.

7.) Report of Executive Council

We’ve had multiple EC meetings over the past two years and Ian thanked everyone who attended at various time zones; especially Martin Hudson’s work on the website. Matt and Petra also were thanked for their ongoing “behind the scenes” support.  Secretarial support has been approved by EC financially, and Ian Mollan has offered to take that position over but that may happen at the Reno meeting. Other items will be discussed  later in this meeting.

8.) Report of the Program Meeting

David Powell discussed how the current Aviation Health Conference is being run this year rather than our usual Scientific Meeting associated with AsMA.

9.) Report of the Awards Committee

Alex Wolbrink met with the rest of the committee, Jim Chung and Brinio Veldhuijzen van Zanten and nominated Rui Pombal for the George Kidera award. A there is no award dinner this year, the members congratulated him virtually and he will be presented his plaque at the next in-person meeting, hopefully in Reno in May. The recipient of the Ralph Fennell Scholar award for 2020 will go to Galyn Issabelov, who is believed to currently be in Florida.  Pat Bayliss with check with United to verify that the airline will still provide airfare for him to give his presentation at the Reno meeting. Petra raised the question regarding an age limit for the Ralph Fennell Scholar award as it states that it is intended for a “young” researcher. Petra had been approached by an individual who is 58 years old who wondered if she would be disqualified due to her age.  Discussion ensued, and  Ian Hosegood stated that we do not intend to be discriminatory against age, but that this could be reshaped to include individuals who are “early” in their career.

10.) Report of the Membership Committee and Election of Emeritus Members

Justin Flatt, the chair of this committee, was not able to attend so Liz Wilkinson reported on his behalf. The two new members are: Sundeep Dhillon (Associate) and Linda Porter (Active). Emeritus status will be deferred to the Reno meeting as it is more appropriate to do this in person. Petra suggested to send out digital certificates, and to follow with hard copies in person at the Reno meeting. Liz also mentioned that Bob Orford has been nominated by Gordy Landsman for re-election as VP for AsMA International Activities but this still needs to go to their Nominating Committee.

11.) Report of AsMA Representatives

Gordy Landsman provided the highlights of the AsMA Council Meeting.  The Blue Journal will mainly become electronic. Also Cathy DiBiasi have proposed an ad hoc committee on commercial space flight.  AsMA EC is working on that now, more to follow. AsMA will meet jointly with the American  Associate of Hyperbaric Society in 2022.  AsMA Scientific meeting will take place at Peppermill in Reno, NV, May 22-26, 2022.

12.) Presentation of Certificates postponed to next year

13.) Old Business

 We are to vote to ratify the Bylaw changes that were proposed at the 2019 meeting.  Martin Hudson moved, and Gordon Landsman seconded these changes (please see Minutes form 2019 for the exact wording) and this passed unanimously.

14.) New Business

  1. Martin has been working with a vendor, Fresh Ideas, who has done an outstanding job in building and maintaining our website. Alex is very responsive and has proved his worth at a reasonable cost. We need everyone to go onto the website to re-upload their details. We are also trying to generate interest in social media, and Nomy has offered to assist with Twitter and Facebook to drive interest among younger individuals. Martin asked if it’s possible to require profile updates when members pay their dues.  Matt stated while this is a good idea, this may not be the first version as he is first interested in getting credit card payment to work. Nomy has offered to post information once a week on social media and those links will be emailed to Petra. Nomy suggested having an extra place on the members profile for Twitter or Facebook info.
  1. Our logo has been updated and also lapel pins will be available at the Reno meeting.
  1. Upcoming meetings: Vincent Feuillie had earlier reported on the 1st International Conference in Aerospace Medicine (ICAM) which has been postponed to September 22-24 in Paris.  Unfortunately, this conflicts with the CAMA meeting.

15.) Report of the Nominating Committee

Martin Hudson provided the following slate of officers:

PRESIDENT Elizabeth Wilkinson
PRESIDENT ELECT Vincent Feuille (May 2023)
Rui Pombal (May 2024)
  Jim Chung
  Felix Porras
TREASURER Matthew Dumstorf
  Quay Snyder
  Pat Baylis
  David Powell
  Martin Hudson
AWARDS COMMITTEE Alex Wolbrink (Chair)
  Brinio van Zanten
  Jim Chung

Petra moved to accept the proposed slate, seconded by Alex Wolbrink, unanimously approved.

Normally the President would hand over the gavel to the new President at the Dinner Meeting, but this year he is happy to hand over the virtual gavel to Elizabeth Wilkinson.  Liz graciously accepted and thanked Ian for his incredible work for the past 2 ½ years during a particular challenging time. She  stated that Simon May has agreed to chair the upcoming Program Committee, the title chosen being “Adapt to Survive”.  Bob Orford moved to adjourn, Ian Hosegood seconded, and unanimously passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 21:00 GMT.

Respectfully submitted,
Petra Illig
Secretary IAMA