The President of IAMA will shortly be issuing the annual newsletter with information for members concerning the arrangements for the Annual Scientific Meeting and Business Meeting.

These meetings were cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic but plans are being made to hold these events in the Autumn of 2021 in conjunction with the annual Aviation Health Conference. It is hoped that this will be in London but if Covid restrictions still apply the meeting will be arranged as a Zoom Webinar.

The newsletter will also contain information about the changes in membership criteria which were made in May in Las Vegas in 2019 and the nominations for the Executive Committee and sub-committee membership.

Forthcoming meetings:

Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) is presenting two webinars on the Covid Pandemic and its effect on aviation. The first will be held on Friday March 12th and the second on March 26th 2021. See the AsMA website for details.