IAMA was founded as the AMDA (Airline Medical Directors Association) on the 3rd of September 1944 by a group of 14 physicians, Drs. Rodney R. Beard, John T. MacDonald, O. H. Pearson, and Frederick H. Shillito from Pan American World Airways, Dr. Kenneth E. Dowd from Trans-Canada Airlines, Dr. Howard K. Edwards from Eastern Air Lines, Dr. L. C. Harris from Canadian Pacific Airlines, Dr. Ludwig G. Lederer from Capital Airlines, Dr. Hodges McKnight from American Airlines, Dr. Jan H. Tillisch from Northwest Orient Airlines, Dr. Arnold P. Tuttle from United Air Lines, consultants Dr. Francis N. Kimball, Dr. R. Bretney Miller, and Dr. F. E. Poole, plus Honorary members Col. Edward C. Greene, M.D. and Ross A. McFarland, Ph.D

1946 saw the addition of physicians from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Shanghai, and the organization has remained truly international ever since. At present just under half of our members are from countries other than the U.S.